Interview with Landon Wall

Country music artist Landon Wall hails from Trinity, North Carolina. At just 14 years old he has already begun to make a name for himself in the country music scene, thanks in part to Miss Kelsea Ballerini.

Landon and his dad were driving down the road and they heard Ballerini’s song Peter Pan. “We thought there’s two sides to every story. What would Peter Pan’s side sound like? Landon recalls. Wanting to tell his side of the story they wrote Lost Boy (Song of the Year at the Josie Music Awards) and recorded a video. Within a few days of posting Ballerini caught word of it on Twitter and retweeted the link. Feeling excited that she liked the song, Landon decided to send her a message and invite Kelsea to see him play at the Bluebird Cafe. He confides he wasn’t expecting anything to come of it. Imagine Landon’s surprise when upon playing the last chords of the song Miss Ballerini herself walked out and up onstage to join him.

“That was the first time I’ve ever been speechless. She’s a legend” Landon fondly  remembers. Dad recalls seeing the look on his sons face and being astonished that someone of her caliber would take the time to come out.

She isn’t the only one Wall has impressed. Hunter Hayes saw Landon’s video cover of his song Secret Love. Hunter was so impressed he sent Landon  a message inviting him to perform with him at the Carolina Country Music Festival. “I had a blast. He’s really humble.” Landon had the opportunity to spend the whole day with Hayes and especially enjoyed hanging on the bus, jamming out. A fan of his music since his mini starz days Wall says he will always look up to Hunter.

Landon got his start in musical theater as a tribute artist with the MiniStarz at Legends in Concert. Among others he portrayed Hunter Hayes and Ed Sheeran complete with red wig and tattoo sleeves and his tribute guitar. Mom even used her mascara to make a beard. At this he gets a little embarrassed and admits to being a pop artist back in the day. Dad recalls one night when Landon got asked to perform Thinking Out Loud for a newly married couple. Police showed up and thinking they were in trouble for playing too loud dad approached them. Instead of being asked to turn it down they asked to turn it up so they could all hear.Wall is grateful to the MiniStarz, crediting the company with helping him to develop, later allowing him to play some of his own music.

Another cool experience for Landon was getting to attend his first ever CMA Awards. “Seeing all those legends, hearing Reba & Garth Brooks, hearing all my heroes and seeing them all. It was truly an experience” Landon gushes, adding that he especially loved the tributes to the tragedy victims.

Landon’s goal as an artist is to touch people with his music. One of his dreams is to play the Grand Ole Opry. His parents share a cute story about taking a younger Landon  on a visitor tour there. Upon waiting in line to take a picture on the famous stage Landon took a step, then turned back. When asked didn’t he want a picture he told his mom “No ma’aam not today. I want to earn my way on that stage.” His parents will always remember that day, writing the song “Grand Ole Opry” about the experience.

Wall just released a brand new single and video Dream With Me. The tragedies in Vegas and Texas affected Landon deeply and he wanted to pay tribute. “Any way I can help people with my music, be able to touch people with my music I’m down.” They recorded the video with the non-profit Notes For Notes. The video includes 58 candles for the 58 victims in Vegas. This young southern gentleman has a big heart and we believe he’ll do great things with his musical gifts!