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We talked with former 1 Girl Nation member Carmen Justice the other day about her solo project. She is about to release the first single "Flaming Arrows" this Friday and is totally stoked for everyone to hear her new music!

When asked how being in a group compares to being a solo artist Carmen shares
"I loved being in the group. Part of being a solo artist is saying in my songs what I've wanted to say for years." She excitedly adds "I'm writing a brand new book and there is fresh pages to write on."

One of her proudest moments has been just recently, getting ready to release her debut single. "This past week has been very encouraging, feeling like I've been able to have a voice." She is proud that people will finally be able to see the real Carmen.



Got the chance to see Jay Putty perform with his new band the other night at Rocketown. As someone who's only ever seen him solo at singer-songwriter events, this was a fun change.



Flashback to 2006. Chase could be found on stages across the nation playing  at fairs, festivals and clubs, opening for artists such as Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, and Keith Urban. While it kept him busy for awhile, the time came for the next step. Mitchell was seeking a record deal  at a time when the industry was changing. "Myspace and the digital world had stuck their finger in the record labels eyes and had them on lock down. Nobody was willing to make a decision, and it changed how artists were signed." he shares. After receiving various offers that never came to be, he decided to cross over into pop music. During the next few years Chase had the opportunity to work with Grammy award winning Producer David Cobb on a song he wrote entitled "Thank You" and release a crazy cool remix of "Hit Me Baby One More Time".

What makes him choose to take this moment to pick up where he left off and resume chasing his music dreams? His daughter Brooklyn. Chase tells me about this dream he had envisioning her mid twenties, having followed a dream for a few years and had given it her all. She was beaten down at the struggles of chasing her dreams, and had gave up and settled. It broke his heart. "I 'm at a crossroads where if I don't do this I'm setting an example, and sending a message to my daughter that it's okay to fail. I'm doing it so that she knows it is OK to follow your heart and it is absolutely OK to follow your dreams at all costs." he declares.

Chase has grown not only as an artist but as a person. The greatest thing he takes away from all of this is that he has been able to look at his failures and shortcomings, and to learn from them. A few of the lessons learned were:  less is best, quality over quantity, and taking a moment. He says immediately saying yes to opportunities and not taking the time to think them through is where he often made a mistake. Sometimes it worked out for the best, other times it led him down the wrong path. Rather than let past mistakes discourage him Chase believes "You fall down nine you get up ten. And you don't judge yourself for the times you fell down."

Mitchell is looking forward to seeing where that road takes him. "Coming back to it I have this breath of fresh air. I am really excited about this next wave." We are looking forward to seeing where the road takes him, and encourage you to keep your eyes and ears open for this artist!



Meet The Runaway Hamsters, a country/pop family group made up of 12 year old Isabella and 11 year old triplets Abby, Gabby, and Riley. We spoke to kids and they were so excited to share all the fun things they have been up to.

Believe it or not these guys have already been singing for 5 years. "When we were little we used to play piano together and then we learned other instruments" they shared. Isabella plays drums (which she thinks is awesome), Abby is on keys, Gabby the bass guitar and harmonica, and Riley plays electric guitar.

The Runaway Hamsters career started  when they found out that one of their classmates  had a brain tumor. Wanting to help they decided to record a song to raise money for the children's hospital called "Runaway Hamsters". The name came from seeing their 4 pet hamsters run all over the house. The kids love giving back and helping others. The band's motto is "We help friends" and boy do they ever.

Last year they raised $114,000 for the Children's Miracle Network. Isabella, Abby, Gabby, and Riley are Jr. Ambassadors. They like to visit with sick kids in the hospital when they have time, saying it's very cool.  The band also  recently performed in LA for Dream Night. "We got to play at the Los Angeles Zoo and when we sang Pizza Pirate guess what Captain Jack came by." In February they will be performing at Dance Marathon for the Children's Miracle Network.

You can check out the new single "A Little Country".  Isabella, Abby, Gabby, and Riley filmed the music video in Nashville at Three Ring Farm. The kids had a blast, saying the best part was seeing the animals and visiting with the director. "The horses were very sweet. I've never seen sweeter horses."

While in Nashville they played on WSM Radio, and loved hearing their song on the airwaves. The group also performed at the infamous Bluebird Cafe, and went to the CMA Festival. Mom says Nashville is a very family oriented welcoming community, and they have been offered a lot of opportunities. They plan on returning for CMA Festival in June.
Right before Christmas the Runaway Hamsters were in Las Vegas for Cowboy Christmas, where they got to meet Dolly Parton. "She was so surprised that she saw a band called Runaway Hamsters."

What are their plans for the future? They are excited to hang out with Lo-Cash and write songs. When asked about their dreams, I'm told "sing at the Grand Ole Opry".

The kids love to write songs, and tell me it isn't that hard. "If you feel happy write a happy song, if you feel sad write a sad song with a happy ending." The four get their inspiration from their parents, who they proudly tell us sing as well.

For more on The Runaway Hamsters you can visit Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Check out their music on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, and CD Baby.



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