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Pop Blitz Magazine is partnering with Nashville Parties & Events to throw a launch party, and everyone is invited! We're stoked to introduce the magazine, and what better way than by showcasing five artists we've become fierce supporters of. We will be telling our story, and each of their stories throughout the night with music and live interviews. Stop by early to meet and greet with press, artists, and various industry professionals.



Azra came to America from South Korea when she was nine years old, and was thrown into a whole new world. Having left everything she knew behind, she had to adapt to a new culture, learn a new language, and get to know new people. That can be tough for anyone, but Azra didn't let it phase her. She formed a music group with other girls to learn English. She got involved in drama at school. And over time, she became accustomed to her new surroundings.

Her debut EP is set to release March 3rd, with 5 tracks full of inspiration for life. "That's my passion. It doesn't always have to be positive." Azra says about using her songs to speak out on various subjects. Her single "Shine" was written in honor of the shooting in Orlando. "I want to empower people, to let them know no matter what you can still shine and be who you are." She will be shooting a music video for that in the very near future.

This young woman believes that as long as you are progressing that you are successful. She quotes "Music is inspiration." and hopes to contribute to the music industry with songs of substance, and to help one person at a time.



Julia Cole hails from Texas, where she got her start in sports. An avid volleyball player, Julia was always singing the national anthem at her games. Word spread and she began singing all of the National Anthems in Houston: The Texans, Astros, Dynamo, NASA, The Rodeo, you name it. She soon realized how much she loved performing, and everything took off from there. In her free time, you can still catch her out on the local volleyball court serving up some fun!

Cole has a unique sound she calls "Country with A Kick". Julia is all about making music with that extra burst of energy. When she's performing she strives to create the momentum one usually associates with EDM concerts. The goal is to get everyone up on their feet singing, dancing, and having a great time!

A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Julia studied entrepreneurship and corporate strategy.  She designed and maintains her website, and edits most of her own videos.

One of Julia's favorite memories is opening up for Hunter Hayes in Wisconsin. "He's such a great guy!" she gushes, sharing that after the show he invited her entire band onto his tour bus to hang out.




Meet Kendall Bowser, seventeen year old Texas girl at heart, from Dallas. Kendall's story began at an Easter service at church.. She was just four years old, standing up on that stage with a stuffed lamb, singing her heart out. After the performance a lady at church approached Kendall's mom and suggested that she sign her up for voice lessons. Wanting her daughter to start learning the fundamentals, she started off with classical music training.

Miss Bowser has a big heart, and it shows through conversation with her. She loves giving back, and is involved in various causes. Kendall is a co-founder of "Find Ur Voice", a non-profit organization raising awareness against human trafficking. They put on concerts to raise money in support. "A lot of people don't realize it's in America. It's happening all around and I think that's important for everybody to know about."

 Kendall Bowser's relaeasing her debut EP "Hey Boy" this April and she couldn't be more excited. When asked what people can look forward to hearing we're told "I wanted to capture a little bit of everything that I like. The title track "Hey Boy" is rock-based. Another cut "Easy For Me" has more of a blues/jazz feel. There are slow songs as well, but overall I'd call it catchy pop style.Kendall is proud to share that she co-wrote five of the songs.

She been working with PCG Nashville the past year and a half., honing her craft. PCG is a local organization that helps newer artists build their careers from the ground up. Bowser comes to Nashville once a month for training, songwriting sessions, and more. She credits PCG with being so supportive and teaching her valuable tools. The fact that they put on shows at Opry Mills mall is an added bonus. It's a great opportunity for new artists to perform in front of an audience, and hey it's a mall. What teenage girl wouldn't love that?


We had the pleasure of sitting down with Steevie and Jon at a local coffee shop the other day and getting their story.

Let's flash back to the beginning of their individual musical journeys. Jon had been in various punk rock and classic rock bands, but kept getting kicked out for being too serious. He formed punk band "The Pink Spiders" with some buddies who were just as dedicated as he was, and his music career took off. The band got a record deal and were successful for awhile.

Meanwhile, Steevie was playing everything from classic rock to R&B to blues and jazz in her small hometown in Pennsylvania. It would have been easy to stay there, making a living singing covers.  But Steevie had surpassed her small town goals and craved more. She wanted to write music, so she packed up her things and made the big move to Nashville. Right away she dove headfirst into the song-writing community. Needing money to live off of while pursuing her dreams, Steevie got a job as a waitress.

Jon had moved back to Nashville as well. His band had ended, and he was looking for an opportunity to make music. Upon meeting Steevie there was an immediate connection. The pair believes it was in part from similar upbringings in like minded towns. Funny thing is, the two discovered they had been living right down the road from each other years ago, but had never met. Steevie and Jon started singing together and it felt right.

When asked to describe their sound I'm told it's country infused in a modern era. 

"It's not backwoods country, but we've got some big city pop. When you get big city and backwoods country you have to go through town eventually" Steevie says. Hence the name Towne was born. Wanting to stand out from the hordes of songwriters in town and to tell their unique story, the duo prides themselves on good songwriting, honest lyrics, and real emotion.

So what does town Towne hope to achieve? "We want success. We want to keep fighting and pull through" Steevie enthuses. Having seen a lot of talented friends get knocked down by the industry, the duo is determined to never give up on their dreams.

 The band is about to hit the studio and is totally stoked to record. "I want to cut songs we believe in, and do the best possible job. I want to take that and get a lot more shows, stay on the road. The sky is the limit." exclaims Jon.

"I hope we're welcomed somewhere in the music world and are able to connect with people. That's all we care about." adds Steevie.




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