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Here's a brand new Pop/R&B Duo we think your going to love! Syncere features former solo artist Justin (Phillip) and his best friend Kristen. Readers may remember Justin as he was a big supporter of Pop Blitz back in the day. We are so excited he is doing music again.

Since we last talked to Justin he has been quite busy. He was part of a New Kids On The Block remake boyband. They went through a grueling year of rehearsals and were going to be part of a reality TV show when it all fell apart. After Justin went to college for Music Business, to learn how everything omes together. He started his own dane program, Dance Labz which has grown to 75+ kids and adults and is featured in school programs across Miami.

It was around then he met Kristen at church, both being apart of the worship team. Justin was leading the dance ministry, Kristen was singing. They got to talking and hit it off. Kristen has been singing since she was a little kid, when she would record harmonies on her Fisher Price tape recorder to sound like she was her own girl group. She took classical music lessons growing up. When the time came for college her parents wanted her to be a nurse so she tried to double major in music & nursing, but was forced to choose nursing. After getting her degree she realized she just wouldn't be happy in that field. "Music is what I'm meant to do. If I don't try then I've failed myself." Kristen confides.

"I think I inspired him to return to music." Kristen shares with us. "Kristen is my inspiration." Justin agrees and goes on to tell us "I really missed it. I hadn't done it in so long, so I decided it was time to do something musically." They decided to form a duo and took to Facebook asking friends to help vote on a name. After much deliberation Justin came up with the name Syncere, and the duo was born. "I feel as people we are that. Humble, down to earth." explains Kristen. "We want our music to reflect being honest." adds Justin.

Since meeting the two always wanted to work together. "We have chemistry musically but also our friendship." Justin and Kristen both agree. They feel that their personalities balance each other out. Kristen has an ear for hearing music, and Justin brings the emotional and performance aspect.

When asked to describe their sound Justin cites "Jason Derulo", saying music that is fun and you can dance to. Kristen adds in "Tori Kelly, Sam Sparrow, and Joss Stone", but says that she feels Syncere is unique as there aren't a lot of other performance based duos out there.

The band released their first cover single ("Lay Me Down" - Sam Smith) and just finished the music video which will be out very soon. They hope it will be an introduction to the band and how they came together. For now the two plan to keep releasing cover songs until they find that one song that fits their music direction and who they are. The next cover will be "Want to Want Me" by Jason Derulo.

This year Justin and Kristen want to accomplish building their musical library (writing and recording), and adding performances down the road.

We think the future is bright for these two talented and driven musicians, and wish them all the best!

Check out their cover of "Lay Me Down" by Sam Smith here!

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