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Tae Brooks is a 16 year old Urban Pop singer from Cincinatti, Ohio. In a world where a lot of young artists start out in the bubblegum pop genre, Tae stands apart with his R&B style. Another unique thing about Tae is he's spent the past 3 years doing voiceover work over in Japan for a program that teaches kids English. Currently residing in L.A., Tae is looking to set the world "On Fire" with his debut EP "On My Own" dropping tomorrow on I-Tunes! 


House of Blues on Sunset was the place to be last night as Heffron Drive played a rocking 15 song set, which had everyone on their feet dancing the entire time. I noticed something that surprised me. They have a diehard fanbase, mainly people in their mid 20's to early 30's, with an even split of guys. Quite a change from  BTR's pre-teen girl fanbase. Kendall's music has matured nicely, while still keeping that fun energetic vibe we loved.

Heffron Drive kicked things off to a great start with "Art of Moving On" and kept things jumping with "Happy Mistakes" "Passing Time" and "Better Get To Moving". The duo slowed things down a bit with "Could You Be Home" and "Had To Be Panama". Bringing the level back up with my personal favorite "One Track Mind" and "Everything Has Changed". "Not Alone" was another highlight, with pure vocals that had me, like everyone else, stop everything and just watch. Next up was a crowd favorite "Division Of The Heart" and "That's What Makes You Mine" which was dedicated to the fans. "Quiet Please" and "Feels So Good" ended the main show and the guys waked off. Chants started up immediately, and much to the crowds excitement HD came back out. Kendall asked the crowd "Are you ready to rock out with us for a few more?" and the response was a LOUD resounding cheer. They launched into "Nicotine" and followed that up with another favorite of mine, "Parallel". Although I didn't meet the guys this time around, I did meet Kendall's grandma. Super sweet lady, we talked about how he's grown and she thanked me for all my support. This is the second time I've seen Heffron Drive, and both shows were awesome. I believe we'll be hearing a lot more from this band!