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Singer-songwriter Amy Taylor stopped by our studio this week to chat and play a song for us! Check out her music, we think your going to like it!

Watch Our Interview / Watch The Performance


Skyler has a new album out entitled "Skyler...And The Brit". This album features songs he wrote and recorded with bassist Charles Berhoud. It is a product of  new material as well as three old songs he's held onto for awhile and decided to release. Below is the press release Skyler wrote about the new songs.

In The City
Jigsaw Heart
Shooting Stars

All four of these songs were written and produced with Jeff Ballard and Jimmy Norman. Working with them has been an immense pleasure these past two and a half years. There were many all day sessions that stretched into the night. Not only were they great co-writers and producers, but they were fantastic mentors and friends. Our sessions in LA would often start around 10am and stretch past midnight (with a break for Red Robin, of course) and they were filled with laughter and creativity. They are who I turned to for career advice when I decided to move to Nashville and the enter the business side of music. I couldn't have made this album without them, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Love Ignored
We Mend Broken Hearts
Resurrection (feat. Charles Berthoud)

These three songs are at the heart of why this album is called, ...and the Brit. In the summer of 2015, Charles and I decided we were going to start anew and create a brand new duo like no one had ever seen before. We hunkered down in my family's house in the White Mountains and went on a marathon writing spree. We also spent this time workshopping and honing our live act. From this period came "Love Ignored" and "We Mend Broken Hearts." We corresponded with Jeff and Jimmy and they were excited by what they heard. Together, the four of us adapted Charles' beautiful instrumental, "Resurrection," into what you hear today and planned a whole new album. I'm particularly proud of that last song. To me, it is the best glimpse into "what could've been" had Charles not decided to go solo and had I not moved to Nashville. All three are great songs, but "Resurrection" stands out as something special. I hope you agree.

Amber Song
Stephanie 2016

Some of you are probably familiar with these three songs. "Amber Song" was written with David Kroll ("Hearts and Promises"/"You Left Me With This Song") and Andrew Allen ("You Don't Have to Go") when I first started visiting LA in the summer of 2013. I was introduced to producer, Curt Cuomo, and he led the way with the recording of this song, which features the bass of Charles Berthoud, drums of Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp), and electric guitar of Holger Fath. Then, I brought an unfinished song, "Jenae," to Curt. Adam Scharff and I had written this song while I was still living in Malden. It's a beautifully tender ballad of love and loss and the aching of indecision. Michael Scharff and Curt helped finish the song and I've been proud of it ever since. My favorite part might be the beautiful bass line that opens the song, played by Charles. He and I had only been playing together for a couple months when I decided to fly him out to LA to record on this session. As a joke, he started "two-handed tapping" an intro, which we thought could never work on a pop song. However, it was perfect. This was my first indication that we were hitting on to something special between the two of us.

"Stephanie 2016" was created for a project that never came to be. "Stephanie" has been my most popular song since 2008 and gets played at all of my shows. When Charles and I decided to created Skyler & The Brit, we wanted to make it our own, incorporate it into our act, and "pass the torch" from the Band of the Thieves to Skyler & The Brit. The idea was to record our version of the song and then make a music video that would include cameos by Adam, Michael, John, and Mark to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the original recording. We recorded a brand new version, but it simply didn't capture the same magic of the original. The music video was scrapped, but we decided to add Charles' contributions to the original recording to give an idea of what it would've been like if Charles was in the Band of Thieves. And that is what hear today: My voice, Adam and Michael's voices/guitars/percussion, Charles' voice and bass, John's fiddle, and Mark's drums. If nothing else, it's a nice walk down memory lane, with an alternate history thrown in!

Download Skyler & The Brit on I-Tunes here


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